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Snow Towers

Uncle says, "When living like the fragile drop of dew on a leaf, it is best to not boast of beheading a demon."

With Sozin's War finally over, it's still not behind us. The Fire Nation will have to hang its pride to make up for past sins. I've regained my honor in my own heart, but I must prove it to everyone else. I've set out on a new journey, to make amends for wrongs caused in my pursuit of Aang.

My first stop has been the South Pole, Katara and Sokka's home.

Master Pakku and the waterbenders from the north have been working on rebuilding the city that had been whittled down by repeated raids. People of the Water Tribe that had abandoned the hub have started returning, as well as the survivors of Hakoda's warriors. What I remembered as being nothing but a few shambled dwellings has swelled into a bustling town in what seems like over night.

Despite having master benders available to shape the snow into impressive buildings, Sokka insisted on teaching me to build a tower from the snow by hand. My fingers felt as if they would nearly fall off, and in the end the tower stood a little crooked, but I think I understood the value of what Sokka was trying to show me.


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