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Uncle says, "The man who people follow easily is the man who isn't quick to foam at the mouth."

I used to think Sokka was a little scatter brained, until revisiting Kyoshi Island. There, I met the man that lives there that Sokka refers to as "Foamy." Next to him, Sokka is a rock.

Especially after this last week.

There was a large earthquake while I was practicing in the Dojo with Suki. Earthquakes are quite common in the Fire Nation, but this one was exceptional in its strength. Suki and the other warriors wasted no time in helping the villagers higher up the hills. Sokka took charge of the elderly, while TyLee ushered the small children. We watched as a wall of water rose up from the bay, and crashed down on the small village.

I was in awe. In the Fire Nation, the biggest worry after an earthquake isn't from the water, but from lava spewed from the volcanoes.

When the waters receded, a large elephant-koi flopped around in the center of town, its tail doing more damage than the quake or wave had. But Sokka didn't even skip a beat. Quickly, he organized the men in chaining together fishing nets to corral the monstrous fish and help it back into the bay.

"Be glad it wasn't the Unagi," he mused to me from the soggy shoreline. "Fish I can do, giant sea monsters, not so much."

Once again, I offered to Oyaji to help the town rebuild, to which, this time, he accepted. Sokka was once again my teacher, as he showed me a few tricks to avoid smashing my thumb with a hammer.

Maybe I should go back and visit Lee's family soon.

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