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Ice Dodging

Pakku says, "If you're going to smell like something, smell like water."

I'm not really sure what that even means, but the rest of the Watertribe seems to agree. They're all very hard working, even the games of the children are based on busy activities of the adults. Hakoda's been especially busy, along with Sokka and Pakku, organizing the work.

Watching Hakoda interact with Sokka, I see how similar the two are. Kanna tells me that Katara was very much like her mother. It makes me wonder how much like our parents Azula and I really are.

Hakoda's friend, Bato, suggested that for the Watertribe to view me as a man, and be worthy of being a political diplomat, that I'd have to go ice dodging. I was given a team of two boys half my age, while Hakoda sat in the boat and observed. I would have rather had Sokka, but they explained that for it to be a proper test, I couldn't receive help from anyone who'd previously proven themselves.

Hakoda gave me the Mark of the Determined after we'd finished, and I apologized for the scars I'd put on his boat. Afterward, they "treated" me to a bowl of sea prunes.

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