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Fanning the Flames

Uncle says, "Even the slightest of smiles can do much to fan the flames in a young girl's heart."

After spending so much time at the South Pole that I worried I'd never have feeling back in my toes, Sokka and I left for Kyoshi Island. We were eagerly greeted by Suki and TyLee, who didn't even wait until we'd docked to leap aboard our ship. Sokka, too, was overjoyed to see them.

I'd already apologized on Boiling Rock to Suki, but I made a formal apology to Oyaji and the rest of the islanders for having burned so many of their buildings. I offered to help them rebuild, but they had already done so themselves. Instead, Suki and Sokka had another idea.

Wearing the warrior's kimono wasn't as humiliating for me as Sokka had hoped - Fire Nation formal robes are close enough to dresses already - but the make-up accomplished that goal. I think TyLee had far too much fun applying it. It's probably a good thing my hair hasn't grown too long, or I know she would have had more fun.

TyLee had once told me that amongst her sisters, she felt like a faceless doll. Yet here amongst the Kyoshi Warriors, she seems the happiest that I've seen her in a long time. Suki tells me that part of it may have been due to a recent visit from Haru. I think it's more to do with not being under the oppressive influence of my sister. Yet, I know TyLee still cares about Azula, and she was comforted when I told her Azula had been making good progress towards finding peace.


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Mar. 8th, 2011 06:29 pm (UTC)
This is the best one yet. the mental pictures are awesome.
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